Philip Cercone was for 10 years Director of the Awards to Scholarly Publications Program. In 1985, he took up an academic appointment at McGill University as Executive Director and Editor-in-chief of McGill-Queen’s University Press and since then he has published some 2,700 books. As well, he is series editor of the Press’s internationally distinguished “History of Ideas Series,” on which some 80 books have been published since it was established in 1985. He has been president of a number of organizations, including the following: Association of American University Presses; ACP, AECB now LC, ACUP, Association of Quebec University Presses, Association of English Language Publishers of Quebec; and the Italian Canadian Professional and Businessmen Association of Canada. He was one of the founders of eBOUND and in 2010 was given the Association of Canadian Publishers’ Award for “leadership through volunteer Service to the publishing industry and to ACP.”