• Drawing on the expertise of 29 volunteer industry professionals
  • Base-line data on the decline in awareness and reading of Canadian-authored books
  • New data on the presence of Canadian books in Canada
  • Bringing together 40 years of Canadian research documents

Key report findings

  • Canadian-authored books now represent just 15% of book purchases
  • Independent Canadian publishers’ sales down by 44% over the last 10 years
  • Canadians want to read Canadian authored books – but can’t easily find them
  • Public libraries support Canadian writers – but can’t measure how well they’re doing

Key report recommendations

  • Policies and programs for 50 new independent bookstores across the country in 5 years
  • Support for independent bookstores as key community cultural spaces
  • Large-scale expansion of successful childrens/teen “Tree Award” programs to get more kids in schools reading more Canadian books
  • Matching funding for public libraries to double their buying of new Canadian-authored books
  • Policies and programs to support public libraries as champions of Canadian authors and Canadian books
  • New publisher initiatives to identify Canadian-authored books
  • Multiple measures to upgrade digital infrastructures all across the book trade to give Canadian books greater visibility and to give Canadian readers better access
  • A “Store within a store” initiative in university bookstores to give students and professors better access to Canadian trade and scholarly books
  • New focus on Canadian writers on CBC Radio and CBC Digital, giving audiences access to a wider range of Canadian voices, stories and opinions
  • In all, 76 detailed recommendations for everyone involved in book writing, publishing, access and awareness – because today, Canada needs more Canada!